February 24, 2005

"Together We're Stronger"

The TV spot "Babies" for Amnesty International by Euro RSCG Portugal was published online in the ACT (Advertising Community Together) section as ACT Ad of the Week.

Thanx, Pedro and Marcelo (the authors ... err and my friends) for pointing it out.

February 23, 2005

Toy Machine ads ...

I still remember when I started to sk8board (a long time ago) and being really fascinated by the visual language and codes used by some of the skate brands advertised on the pages of Trasher and Transworld Skateboarding.
Here's some of Toy Machine's ads (apparently all created by Ed Templeton).
"Society is dead, we have retreated into the iWorld"

"They walk down the street in their own MP3 cocoon, bumping into others, deaf to small social cues, shutting out anyone not in their bubble." - Andrew Sullivan

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MC Saatchi, London

In Memoriam

Hunter S. Thompson: 18/07/1937 - 20/02/2005

February 13, 2005

Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg: "Passionate thinkers wanted"

"Got an MBA? Uncle McKinsey needs you!"

This ad reminds me the time I was working as a consultant at another American "big" consultancy company.
McKinsey & Company, as I recall, had a unique positioning and mistique in the market, as they use to "brag" about not needing to advertise their premium strategic services, because: "how can you advertise a solution to a problem that you don't know yet?". Interesting point, though!

PS: Well some companies don't need to communicate their services, because they rely on word-of-mouth and alumni networking, otherwise ...

February 12, 2005

February 10, 2005

When Ad Agencies get into politics

Labour vs Tories
TBWA\London vs MC Saatchi

February 07, 2005

DDB LONDON: Probably a Cannes Lion ... this year!

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MARRIOTT BUFFET: "Fat people are harder to kidnap"

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Bud Extra: beer or softdrink?

"The new brew, which has been test-marketed in dozens of cities, contains caffeine, ginseng, guarina extract and fruit flavors in an apparent attempt to grab market share from cocktails that contain Red Bull and its competitors as mixers."

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